Our Vision


Here at Urban Ninja Athletics we believe in the way of the ninja. We are warriors who’s values lie in the arts of self respect, self discipline, and physical fitness.

We train our bodies, minds, and spirits in order to achieve happiness through mastering new skills. We accomplish this by practicing Martial Arts, Parkour, and Obstacle Course Training.

Through hard work and patience you will master these new arts and maybe even yourselves. With the guidance of our instructors and fellow ninjas you can reach new heights.

Our Mission

At “UNA” our goal is to teach our members physical and mental strength so they can better themselves and their community. We aim to achieve this with hands on coaching from experienced instructors in each sport.

All of our instructors have a combined 10+ years of experience in their individual sports. We have trained pro-athletes, Olympians, actors, and many more…

Our desire is to give expert knowledge paired with quality customer experience to provide an ideal learning environment for you and your family.